6 Roadschooling Supply Must Haves

Every year there is a soft rumble at the neighborhood Walmart when school supply lists are published. Parents grab a list for each of the children and make their way to the store aisles to quickly grab all the latest supplies for their kids. It’s become comical to us, how we used to behave! This used to be us! We were those people. You know the ones… They purchase matching folders, binders, pencils, tablets, papers and all the little treasures that coordinate.

Fast forward 2 kids- and 1 big decision later- we’re not those people anymore!

Roadschooling is different. You don’t need heaps of the latest curriculum, books, papers, folders, and unit studies. You have the unique ability to structure the learning around the area, region, places, and people around you.

While you may not need many supplies to enrich the minds of you young while traveling fulltime, it is our personal preference and opinion that some supplies will make roadschooling easier.

– Enter the Roadtrip Roadschool –

Here is a list of our favorite roadschooling supplies that make our travel easier:

1.    Kindles:

We purchased a Kindle for each of our kids. They are customized both with Amazon FreeTime (which we highly recommend) and other learning-based apps like ABCmouse, English & History books, and fun apps to practice Spelling and Math.

20160120_1204552. Binders w/ Zippers

These are a real blessing. They keep each child’s school work neatly organized behind the appropriate tabs and all their little ‘what-nots’ zipped up inside. Totally mess free- makes travel a lot smoother!

3.    Notebooks:

Instead of opting for loose paper- we’ve found using a notebook for specifics like Spelling, Math, and even a Travel Journal work best for our family. It allows you to locate just one notebook=- and simply flip through to see the progress and work completed by each student.

20160120_1200044.    An Atlas:

We always pick up maps along the way- but having an atlas (we use this one) on board, allows for the kids to always have a point of reference when traveling. The information contained within contributes many great conversation starters and question and answer sessions at the drop of a dime.

20160120_1201045.    Math Curriculum & Calculator (or app):

We like to just purchase a ready-made Math Curriculum based on the strengths of each child. The simply go through and complete the work on a daily basis, revisiting and spending as much time on each topic as they need.

6.    WiFi:

We live off WiFi. I’m not sure our journey would continue if it wasn’t present and strong. The kids need access to online lesson, we need to blog, and we use it to research new places to go and things to do. Using your cell phone as a Hotspot works great in a pinch- but we joined the Verizon Network for reliable coverage on wifi wherever we go!

Safe Travels & Many Adventures-

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