A Brief Introduction

Hey! We’re Antwon & Sharee Collier- a husband and wife duo that decided to hit the road fulltime with our kids in 2013. We were stuck in a rut of monotonous life and really needed a change of scenery to get our spunk back. We were sick of living the Standard American Life- so we stopped. We were sick of seeing the same people, day in and day out- so we stopped. We were sick of taking vacations to have a chance to spend time together- so we stopped.

In the beginning, we did what everybody else did. Average Americans. We purchased a home, got married in Jamaica, and started a family. We purchased cars, went to school, and worked fulltime. After a few of life’s unexpected twists and turns- we found ourselves wondering… Is this it? Collectively, we made a huge decision to do something big. We came up with 3 big ideas:


We started with the easiest of the 3, by moving to St. Pete Beach. Our family had an amazing time, right up until the first Tropical Storm swept through. Antwon was almost swept into Tampa Bay on a ‘quick’ (3hr) trip to get bottled water while driving home on the flooded island streets. At this point, we started planning how we would travel in an RV fulltime. We purchased, renovated and moved into our 1973 Winnebago Brave.

For the past 4 ½ years we’ve traveled fulltime with our children, both with and without the RV- throughout the US, visiting 25 states so far. We made a conscious decision to change everything about our lives that we needed to, to enable ourselves to enjoy our lives the way we wanted. We decided to homeschool our kids, which enables the whole family to travel and learn new things along the way. They get an awesome education experience by being able to learn about places and historical events at the actual locations!

When we first started out, we really didn’t have a source of remote income to sustain our travels, so we fell into Workamping- which gave us our ticket to travel! We searched out jobs in various locations and made agreements to work in exchange for moderate wages, a free stay and free activities for the kids. This worked out really well for us and until we were able to build additional income through our family’s small business and before I (Sharee) started working for Workamper News as the Director of Operations- this gave us the funds we needed to keep the adventures rolling!

Meet the Colliers, is a website I created to share our adventures with our family as well as other families who wanted information from the inside of a perpetual roadtrip adventure!

Currently, we are traveling along the West Coast in a 26ft travel trailer trying to see & do everything possible in California and the Pacific Northwest. This is our first time on this side of the country and we’re having a ball! Our camper is pretty small, but only when compared to the lush rides of retires and those who a need 45ft for two people to live comfortably… ? It’s big enough for us, includes everything we need for a comfortable trip and actually has enough storage to allow us to travel with way more junk than we actually need.

Our Adventure Goals

Our goals for each adventure are really simple!

With each trip we take we aim to experience new things! That’s really our first goal. As we get to experience these new things, we learn new things along the way. That’s our second goal. And as we’re learning new things, we’re creating family memories! That’s our third goal. And after we create these memories, we want to journal them so we can look back and cherish these moments for years to come. That’s our final goal.

Simple, right? No big long mission or explanation of a quest not often taken… Our adventure isn’t a race to visit all the National Parks. It’s not a gap year before we re-enter society with a new perspective. It’s literally our life. Our life the way we want to live it. And we plan to live it- live real good. lol! I couldn’t resist.

Let’s just be clear… We hit the road to have fun! We hit the road to have freedoms we always dreamed of having. We hit the road to explore where we travel, like a local and to create awesome memories while we do it.

We don’t make any promises about keeping a daily travel journal, posting blogs on a set schedule, celebrating every calendar holiday, or anything else that might make the fun stressful and seem like work…

Thanks for stopping by! We hope you enjoy you our blog and find the information we are sharing useful and maybe a bit entertaining as well. Check out of IndieRV Travel Network– which is a new community we’re building of destination advice, reviews, and information from RVers to RVers!