We both grew up in the suburbs of Atlanta, and our kids spent much time there as well, so how could it be that we had never seen many of the most well know attractions in our own backyard? This is the question, Antwon & I asked ourselves, as we prepared to take the kids on our first tourist trip to Atlanta last Spring!

We had just purchased a ‘new-to-us’ RV and were excited about being in our hometown where we still had so many wonderful things to experience. The Atlanta Zoo, the World of Coca-Cola, Underground Atlanta, Stone Mountain… there was tons of new things to see and do and we were on a mission to get a few completed before heading down to Florida!

Not so deep in the back in the back of my mind- I kept asking myself…

Why hadn’t we seen all this stuff? What was our excuse for exploring 24 additional states, before really seeing our own???

The only thing we could come up with was that it was home. And like many folks, we were comfy cozy in our suburban bubble, doing normal things like dance classes, recitals, and swimming lessons, which left us with a limited amount of time for further exploration of our amazing home state! Bummer! This place is really cool.

So on this trip, our goal was to visit some of the local spots in town, not confining ourselves to the actual city of Atlanta where all the other tourist would be, but a broader view of Atlanta and its surrounding areas!

Don’t get me wrong, we had actually been to some of the top attractions, as we’re not hermits, but we hadn’t been to any of the attractions as a family where the kids were actually of an age where they would remember it. So really we could start from scratch and no one would even notice, besides Antwon & I…

To this page, we will be adding some of our top adventures in Atlanta, Georgia! Stay tuned!88