Okay so you stopped by to see what’s going on behind the scenes right? I mean that’s why you clicked on ‘Behind the Scenes’. Well you’re in luck, because you’ve come to the right place.

Usually I would write about why I think my family is so awesome, why we’re totally cool for living this way, and maybe even try to insert a promo link, where I can pick up a few extra cents for making the referral. Today, I’ll skip the usual and just tell you something you haven’t heard before… a brief overview of what you’ll find on Meet the Colliers.

Hi! My name is Sharee Collier, freelance writer, loving wife and mother to four little ones ages 7-13 & Director of Operations for Workamper News. If you have any questions feel free to email me here.

First Things First-

Meet the Colliers is a web platform I created to talk about the adventures my family was going on and give some helpful information to others who might need it. Family Travel and Workamping ® are the main 2 topics, but I dabble in all things related to exploring the outdoors, including our new family project Ticket to Travel where we will be talking with folks from all around the globe (fingers crossed) to see what was their ticket and how they are structuring their travels!

This is where I journal, okay ramble, about how awesome family travel is. Where I encourage other families with young children to travel. This is where I give fellow fulltime RVers the information they need about Workamping® or Famkamping® as I like to call it,  and about making money while you travel. It’s where I hope to prove that Workamping® is definitely not just for retirees, but young travelers as well, and with some creativity we can structure it in so many ways- that the doors of travel open up 100%. Meet the Colliers is my creative outlet to show the world that ordinary families, just like mine, can live extraordinary lives- just by making the decision to go do it!

Keepin it Real-

I’m pretty good at this (My mother has no filter). I know there are lots of travel blogs out there, gleaming with all their glitter about how amazing this life is, and I totally agree. So while I usually keep my articles positive, because everything is going well, sometimes things are not perfect. Sometimes a series of unfortunate events can create a wealth of useful content that can help others avoid or prepare for the future and guess what? You’ll hear about those less than desirable moments from time to time, as well.

My Inspiration-

This site would not be possible without my family. My handsome husband, Antwon, was my high school sweetheart and after 17 wild years we’ve got 4 terrific kids. Our travels over the past several years, have led us to some pretty great places, to meet some pretty swell people and do some pretty cool things. I want to share these stories with all who want to listen. This is my inspiration, and let’s be real… it’s only just begun.

Travel Style-

While I’d love to say, we usually travel in luxury, it’s just not the case. The reality is, we’re just an ordinary family, and that means a living on a budget. We’re not from wealthy families and we don’t have trust funds. We grind hard for everything we have and everything we want to do. We travel slow, because it’s cheaper. We travel by land, because it’s cheaper. And we workamp® along the way, to make life… cheaper.

We RV for the most part. But we also stay in hotels, cabins and rentals when we want the comforts of home, while on the road. This is how we roll…

Getting Here-

We didn’t set out to be the face of Fulltime Families, African American Rvers,  the voice of Young Workampers®, or even of Roadschoolers. That stuff is way to serious for us. We just want to live- our own life. If its interesting enough for other people to follow along, then we’re cool with that. We’ll speak to those who want to listen.

To be honest, we were just sick of doing what everybody else did. We were different and we wanted to embrace it. We were bored to death with HOA Bylaws, PTA Drama and Corporate Politics.

We wanted to be able to go outside and enjoy ourselves instead of being the ‘hush police’. We wanted our kids to love being kids. We knew we had gypsy hearts and we wanted to see the world.

Everyone we knew gave us the same advice. They told us we needed to settle down, but we wanted to roam. Once we did, we quickly realized we never really enjoyed life, until we started living it and then we love it.

Many things have contributed to how we got to this moment, I would have to write a whole book to tell the tale… Ahh! What the heck. Here’s a good post to start.