Best Family Attraction in San Diego

Some might disagree with me here, but in my opinion, Legoland was the best trip we had in San Diego, California. We planned and planned and planned, then we waited and waited and waited for the Water Park to open, so we could make the most out of our tickets. Finally, the Water Park was open and we booked a trip the Monday following… (We ended up not going to the water park, as I didn’t realize it was a separate ticket- and ours only covered Legoland +Sea Life Aquarium)

First of all, You have to go during the week. If you’ve never visited a theme park with your kids during the week when all the other kids are in school, you really don’t know what you’re missing! This makes a big difference in how much fun we have! We just don’t have as much fun when we have to walk in a single file line to get through globs of people standing around groups or wait in long lines to do fun stuff.

We have a great time when the crowd is small, we can walk as slow or as fast as we want, the lines are non-existent and we don’t have to worry about being stuck behind someone who is walking at a snail’s pace when we’re trying to get to the restroom.

Okay, rant over. Back to the trip.

Legoland will ignite your child’s imagination, beyond the traditional spike you see when they play with them around the house or camper. It spikes creativity on a larger level with huge displays or mega characters throughout the part with finely tuned details down to a science! The park has over 60 rides made from giant lego bricks and additional shows, attractions and character interactions throughout the day. We had a great day. We got there right when the park opened its door. Did the premium parking so we could park like 10 steps from the gate and then hit the park with all the energy we had saved over the past month!

There was no line, so all we had to do was show the man at the gate our e-ticket vouchers and hope that they scanned! Next, after a quick family photo, we hit the photo counter to purchase a photo wristband for $25 where all the memories from the day would be stored and easily accessible ‘in the cloud’ for 30 days.

Our oldest daughter got stuck with wearing it on her wrist and was to make sure she got it scanned at each ride or character opportunity we encountered.  While I do think the pass is still worth a buy, I would have liked to have had more choices on the pictures we received. When I downloaded the files from the internet, we literally had a few shots of us from the front gate, and then 2 other options from in front of the student driving course and on the Ninjago ride. Not that great…

The park is a great experience overall! They do an excellent job of creating everything from mini cities to bison hedges with the legos and we enjoyed ‘sightseeing’ throughout our trip. The rides are well categorized and many are very small child-friendly where even my ‘scared-of-everything’ child was able to go on 7 (he was counting) without any fear!

They even had a mini ‘family’ race which the twins really enjoyed! We all climbed into this fire engine, which Antwon & I had to pump up and down to make it drive. Once we raced the other 3 families to the burning building, we had to hold down a button while they used awesome aiming skills to put out the fire! Such a fun time!

Looking back on our trip- some of these rides were a lot of work!!! We did one ride where we had to sit in groups of 2’s and literally use a rope to pull ourselves up to the top of a tower, then release it a ‘free-fall’ back down. That was all arm power. Then we did the Ninjago 4D dark ride, where we sat in groups of 3 and had to use our hands to ‘fight’ the bad guys and through like a million ninja star… more arm power! The firefighter race was tiring… more arms. Geez. Now that I think about it, between these fun ‘work-out’ rides and all the walking we did, we got a pretty good workout!

One of the cool things about visiting the park is that the kids can trade their mini-figures! Our kids spent the whole day prior trying to find as many mini-figures as they could, then packed them into the oldest purse so she could keep track. Seems like every character, eatery, and gift shop they were able to swap one piece for another until they felt satisfied! Trust me, these are my kids and they kept trading until the very last gift store right at the front gate! Lol!

The aquarium was a cool feature, although I’m still unsure as to why it was there. I mean don’t get me wrong we had a great time, as we love aquariums but it didn’t have a lego focus, which was what I expected. The kids, however, enjoyed the scavenger hunt and had a great time trying to keep a detailed eye out for all the stamp locations throughout! In the end, once they had collected all their stamps, they were given a paper hat prize, which only one of my kiddos wanted to wear…

Lastly, the one thing every family needs to do at this park makes sure if you get popcorn, drinks, and cotton candy that you buy the refillable tubs and cups! They came in so handy! I mean I hate to fill my kids up on junk especially cotton candy and sugary drinks, but it we’re going to do it for the day we’re definitely going to do it at the most reasonable price! The tubs are like $4 to refill and who doesn’t love popcorn, right? The only downside was after lunch, when we went to the car, for our ‘parking lot pic-nic’ we left them… We could have easily gone back to get them, but I felt enough was enough and we should probably divert their attention to other things like the gift shop!

How many times are you going to be at Legoland and have gift shop after gift shop filled with all the Lego kits you could possibly imagine? They had everything a kid could ever want plus so much more! This was definitely a highlight for them!

*Special thanks to the people at Legoland for sponsoring our trip. This review is based on our personal experiences and all opinions expressed are our own.

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