Ditch the Golf Cart Granny, Grab a Sondors!

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If you’re an RVer, you’ve seen the golf cart craziness in parks and campgrounds across the country. You know what I’m talking about… the lady who walks her dog by riding around slowly in her golf cart while the poor pooch keeps a steady pace beside her. Or what about the man who decked his cart out with a disco ball fro the Saturday Night parties at the park pavilion and added two 10’ subs to keep the party going all week long. Let’s not forget the clever gent who started his own campground taxi service, with his golf cart, to pick you up and take you to the front office, laundry room, or the clubhouse for a small fee?

While these sights are pretty normal for RVers, anywhere else they would be considered downright lazy. They’re all examples of how golf carts have made their way into the typical life of RV travelers across the country, and how folks find ways to use them instead of getting exercise that could keep them healthy and make them feel good!

I’ll be honest- I used to want a golf cart. I really did. I thought it would be awesome to ride around cruising’ inside the park, instead of walking, driving or God forbid having to ride my bike up the hill to the front office (because there’s always a hill…), but then I got a Sondors. A Sondors Fold to be exact! This is the bike for active RVers, and most definitely for millennials. 

Whats the big deal?

Hello? It’s an e-bike that folds! As if that wasn’t enough, it’s really affordable! Like you can grab one for under 1K and if you don’t need it to fold, that drops to under $500. I know! It’s crazy! But the best part of it all is the amount of fun you’ll have riding it and how great you’ll feel each time!

For starters, Sondors makes a great product for an affordable price. The Fold happens to fit perfectly in my trunk, so I can just pop it in there and head to the beach or an awesome trail with it, like most recently when I headed down a long dirt road in the mountains of Arizona, to a local winery for a wine tasting & tour. (I would have driven myself over, but the bike was a fun and easy option. So I took it instead!)

This e-bike can be used in 3 different ways, so its super flexible to the needs of the rider. You can ride it like a traditional bike if you want to get from point A to B with no fuss, a good bit of exercise and look good doing it. If you want to go farther with less effort, you can pump up the 5 level pedal assist and lessen your effort while adding a few extra miles to the odometer with little resistance on things like hills and off-road terrain. Or you can just hold down the thumb throttle and glide everywhere you want to go for about 20 miles or so, at a top speed of 20mph, this is where the fun happens!

Riding an e-bike is what I consider the new way to get around. It’s eco-friendly, affordable, and makes sure you get a healthy dose of exercise while running errands or simply cruising. Think about how awesome it would be to pull into your next RV park and find a tribe of folks out zipping around on their e-bikes instead of those golf carts, you see now!

What’s not to love? Grab a Sondors & Get Outdoors!


*We’d like to give a great big thanks to SONDORS for sponsoring this post. All opinions represented here are our own*

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