Famkamping- Workamping with Your Kids in Tow

Family Workamping® at Jellystone Park was another great experience for our family. We like to call it Famkamping- because it takes the definition of Workamping to the next level, by including the entire family.

While working at a Jellystone Park in Texas our family had the opportunity to manage the campground. This came with a lot of responsibility, but a lot of fun. In addition to regular Jellystone moments like spending hours on the Jumping Pillow, Park, and Water Amenities- our family had the chance to work closely together on specific days when school field trips were scheduled!

Here’s how it worked:

I was in charge of organizing the groups and scheduling the field day stations. Each group would receive an information packet upon arrival- detailing how the day was laid out. We would assign specific employees to stations and then Antwon and I would oversee the entire resort, making sure the groups were happy as well as the regular campers.

On these days we brought our entire family to work with us. Our two older girls would be paired with a cheerful employee at their chosen station (Ex. Animal Interaction, Tattoo Parlor, Chicken Run…), where they would assist the park employee with their duties. The twins, however, needed to be kept at a closer distance, so we paired them with each one of us.

Tiana was my partner- we, unfortunately, were stuck in the office for most of these days, handling phone calls, paperwork, and scheduling upcoming events. She did, however, get to venture out with me a few times to make sure the stations were up and running, resolve the issue with the chaperones, and read a few meters for the front desk.

Antwon, on the other hand, had Twon as his partner. They were directly in charge of keeping things running smoothly in the park, both with the groups and with regular guests and contractors. They seemed to spend their whole day putting out fires (not real ones- but you get the idea). Twon enjoyed riding around on the golf cart from one fire to the next- and all was good in the campground- which made things run smoothly!

After the schools left- everyone pitched in to take down the stations, clean and then get ready for the next round of students we’d host the next day. Field days were always busy, sometimes we hosted groups of more than 400 students, and one time we offered to make them all lunch and s’mores!

Jellystone Parks can be an awesome place for families who workamp®!

Safe Travels & Many Adventures-


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