– Common questions & queries –

How long have you been on the road?

The fulltime traveling adventure started on Sept. 4, 2013 when they purchased their new home on wheels.  It was something they contemplated and finally mustered the gusto to just do it!

Was it hard to downsize?

Actually it was quite the opposite. Sharee is the complete opposite of a hoarder- so coupled with her ‘need’ to donate unused items just about 1-2 times a month, it really made sorting through the necessities super easy! So between donating the usable things to VVA and trashing anything with a rip, stain or expiration date- downsizing was the easiest part of the whole journey.

What did your family think about your decision to travel fulltime?

As usual you can expect that everyone will have their own opinion- but surprisingly enough there hasn’t been that much negativity. If you dismiss the comments about being crazy or driving there, everyone has been… supportive in their own way.

How will you homeschool, once you get on the road?

The Colliers will incorporate more outdoor lessons and of course a 50 state road trip into their curriculum, as well as computer lessons to keep the need for excessive papers and workbooks to a minimum. The kids will be focusing their studies on the core subject areas of Math, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies. And they’ll also be keeping personal journals, which they will log each day.

You guys are young- what made you want to live in an RV?

They wanted change. They wanted adventure. They wanted fun and excitement. Antwon & Sharee knew they were tired of the ‘same old same old’ and collectively made a short list of three goals they wanted to accomplish as a family….

1.    Move to the beach and bum it.
2.    RV across the country.
3.    Sail around the world.

What do you do for money?

Currently they are Workamping® their way from one adventure to the next! They pick up jobs in different locations that offer a FHU Site or more preferably onsite housing and work opposite shifts to earn their income.

How long do you plan to travel?

The Colliers plan to travel as long as they have places to see and everyone is enjoying themselves. They do not plan to limit themselves to the RV or to the USA for that matter- but settling down is not in their immediate line of sight.

Are you looking for a place to settle down?

Not really. As they visit new places they make mental notes of cool little towns that would be nice to live in. But the convo usually ends the same way… “Not right now!”

How can you travel with 4 kids… and a dog?

“We love ‘em!” That is most likely what you’ll get if you asked the question in person. They really enjoy each other’s company- which is HUGE because it wasn’t always the case. Being in a small space has its ups and downs- but overall the Colliers are enjoying spending their time- together.

Don’t you get homesick?

The kids sometimes get homesick. Mom & Dad- not so much! Mostly the older Collier girls will miss seeing their Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and of course their friends in the neighborhood. But after a quick detour- which happens more often than Mom & Dad sometimes like, they get little time with friends and family back home- then hit the road again!

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