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As we travel and meet new people, many of which happen to be new (newer than us, I mean) to the full-time traveling thing, and many of which are young travelers with families, we are often asked a very specific question….

Q. What is the easiest way to find a workamping job?

Our answers usually vary slightly depending on how engaged we happen to be in the conversation, and whether the other person was simply fishing for information or actually seeking to learn how we have successfully managed to acquire the jobs we have in the short amount of time we’ve been traveling. But the one thing that remains the same is our first response….

A.! is a website dedicated to helping employers find workampers® and workampers® find employment. They have various tools that help workampers promote their skills by showcasing their resumes.  You can also sign up to have daily “Hotline” where job posts are sent directly to your inbox, and post a situation ad in the upcoming magazine, where you can advertise your specific situation and attract employers directly to you.

These examples are just some examples of the many helpful resources available through the website. In addition to the online resource, many workampers, dreamers, and even employers- enjoy the printed magazine, for the wealth of information that it provides.

We signed up for the electronic edition of Workamper News, which is distributed bi-monthly when we first started our fulltime family travel adventure. We knew we could search the internet for information and scour each job site for relevant ads but we also wanted to have the ability to have them sent to use daily by email, so that even if we only had a few moments to look, we’d be able to have the latest information on who was hiring and for what.
In this niche market, jobs go really fast. And good jobs- well they’re pretty much snatched up in hours let alone days. So you really have to keep up to date on what is coming available- and which employers are actively seeking workampers®.

We won’t go on and on, but we do encourage those in search of work on the road, to consider paying the small fee to enjoy the many benefits that has to offer.

Safe Travels & Many Adventures-

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