How much are you paying for your site?

So you’ve found the perfect location for your next Workamping position and are ready to send over your resume. You read through the ad, which states you’ll be working near Yellowstone National Park! They’re looking for Campground Hosts as well as Maintenance, which is perfect for you and your husband/wife. You’ll work 25 hours a week, combined, for the site. All other hours at $7.25.

Before you go any further- you may want to reread that advertisement…

“Work 25 hours per week, combined, for site. All others paid at $7.25”.

What does that really mean? How much are you really paying to live on site? Is this a good deal for you or for the employer? It’s time to break out your pen, paper, and your handy dandy calculator!

Okay, You’ll work 25 hours per week for your site:

This means every week. You and your husband/wife will collectively need to work 25 hours minimum to pay for your site. The ad doesn’t specify how the 25 hours will be split. So, make a note to ask about this when you speak with the employer.

Think about this for a minute- If the site charges $350 per month for long-term guests. That means by working 25 hours per week to pay for your site, with 4 weeks in a month, your work is being valued at $3.50 per hour!

Some people will argue that when living onsite, it is acceptable to value the exchange of labor at a lesser rate. I’m not one of those people! Last time I checked the Federal minimum wage was $7.25- but if you feel comfortable working for less than half of that… go right ahead.

Moving on.

Next, All other hours paid at $7.25:

Once you have met the 25-hour requirement to pay for your site, any additional hours you work, will be paid at $7.25. The ad didn’t specify that additional hours were guaranteed or how many to expect if any. So make a note to ask the employer how many hours each of you should expect to work on a weekly basis. They may not have a guaranteed number- but they should be able to give you a close estimate.
Think about this for a minute- If the employer says they will pay you $7.25 per hour all hours over the first 25- then why not calculate the number of hours needed to pay for the site at the same rate?
If that were the case, you would only need to work 12(ish) hours per week to pay for your site (which in my opinion is much more reasonable). Requiring 25 hours each week- if calculated at $7.25 would mean you’re paying $725 for the same monthly site other guests are paying just $350 for. Gosh! I hope that includes electric, propane, laundry, store discount, a meal allowance and free amenities…
Seems to me- that you are being undervalued!

Can I make a suggestion?

Send your resume by email or fax. Wait 1-2 days then give the employer a direct phone call. Introduce yourself and let them know you sent your resume and hoped they had time to review it.

Safe Travels & Many Adventures-

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