While I’d love to say, we usually travel in luxury, it’s just not the case. The reality is, we’re just an ordinary family, and that means a middle class (or sometimes less) budget. We’re not from wealthy families. We don’t have huge trust funds. We travel slowly because it’s cheaper. We travel by land because it’s cheaper. And we workamp® along the way, to make life… cheaper.

We RV for the most part. But we also camp, live onsite and sometimes we stay in hotels, cabins, and rentals when we want the comforts of home, while on the road.

This is how we roll…

We travel slow.

Most of the time, you won’t catch our family taking week-long road trips from the East to West Coast, trying to cram everything into 7 short days. We tend to drive slow. Taking in the sights as we go. We have our end destination in mind, but how and when we get there is usually up in the air. We stop when and where feels right. We sometimes eat out, but we also pack a mean cooler! We aren’t traveling to five-star resorts, well… not lately. We focus on budget-friendly trips, where we can have the most amount of family fun and spend a modest amount of cash to do so.

We travel by land.

RVing is a very affordable way to travel fulltime as a family. It allows us to discover new places and see and do new things while bringing along all the comforts of home. When we’re not in the RV, life gets a little more difficult. We have to do a lot of packing and more planning. While it’s not our favorite, it is loads of fun and we tend to have an amazing time, regardless.

We workamp®.

We need to make money, just like any other family. Even though our living expenses are lower than a traditional life, they’re still there. Workamping® allows us to do this. We can work, where we’re traveling. Sometimes this means working at the actual RV Park or Campground, other times it means working at places like Amazon’s Camperforce. Most recently it has led to my current position as Director of Operations for Workamper News… The #1 Resource for Workamping– where I’m more of the voice behind the industry!

We use Thousand Trails.

If you haven’t heard of this cool camping program, I’ll give you a brief overview,because you need it! You by a membership for as low as like $500 for the year- then you get to camp for FREE at any of their parks for a specified number fo night… Simple right? Right! So, we choose a larger membership that allows us to camp for 3 weeks at a time (so we can move slowly) and includes all their parks in the US + 1 in Canada. It costs us a total of $200 per month to camp all year! Check it out and grab $100 off your membership here!