Introducing IndieRV Travel Network

As full-time travels, we are always on the lookout for great information about places to go and things to see. Unfortunately its quite hard to find information from one RVer to another without reading 101 different blogs. It was pretty frustrating for us, as well like to hear about the destinations and activities/attractions from other RVers- who have been there and done that. 

After a few nights of having to have 20 tabs open on my computer and having to read through family story after family story just to grab bits and pieces of useful information, I thought to myself… 

This is crazy! Tell me what it is & what I need to know…

It was simple. I just wanted the ‘meat and potatoes’ without the ‘my family is so cool angle’.. and I realized this is what was missing in the RV Travel Market. We were missing a website for RVers by RVers where we could go to get the low down and the dirty on each and every activity, location, attraction, tour and whatever else people traveling were doing, without all the fluff!

Enter IndieRV Travel Network!

How is it different?

IndieRV is a website travel resource that delivers content for RVers from RVers. Unlike a travel blog or website focused on one traveler’s adventures-we’re crowdsourcing our content in an effort to speak from a variety of perspectives creating an all-inclusive resources, regardless of how you travel or who with. 

The IndieRV content is created and delivered from a team of over 12 RV Influencers who are all travel bloggers/vloggers delivering their own twist on the places covered, on their personal sites in addition to the condensed version we host in our database. 

Working from behind the scenes, we’re connecting Influencers with media professionals across the U.S. to assist our team in reaching new heights in content creation through genuine experiences. Think about it… you have to experience something first hand to give someone else advice about it, right?

What do we offer?

IndieRV includes an RV directory or place to go and things to see, places to stay and things to do for free. We welcome your input about these places and encourage everyone to submit a review, and share your experience. 

We also provide a Bucket List blog of featured content, with a little more information with a personal touch for readers to dig deeper. 

You can download weekly Travel Checklists on locations around the US and Canada, that makes it easy to create a road trip from the best locations to see and do in a specific location or focused on a theme. 

Monthly Itineraries are posted on the first Friday of every month, and include a preplanned trip for those who would just like to print and go!

The Quarterly Adventure Guides dive even deeper into the hot spots our Influencers are covering and give very detailed and specific information for fun adventures in and around the featured areas. 

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