Getting Here-

We didn’t set out to be the face of Fulltime African American Families, the voice of Young Workampers®, or even of Roadtrip Roadschoolers. To be honest, we were just sick of doing what everybody else did. We were different and we wanted to embrace it. We were bored to death with HOA Bylaws, PTA Drama, and Corporate Politics.

We wanted to be able to go outside and enjoy ourselves instead of being the ‘hush police’. We wanted our kids to love being kids. We knew we had gypsy hearts and we wanted to see the world. Everyone we knew gave us the same advice. They told us we needed to settle down, but we wanted to roam. Once we did, we quickly realized we never really enjoyed life, until we started living it and then we love it.

Many things have contributed to how we got to this moment…

As they say… Hindsight is 20/20,

We’ve always been ‘outsiders’ really. Not intentionally, but just by design! We lived life differently than our peers, or family and quite frankly most people in general! We tend to think outside the box, not limiting ourselves to what is directly in front of us, or what others say is possible. We set our eyes on a goal and we go for it!

We never intended on living this way, and looking back I can honestly say, fulltime travel was just part of our destiny. I remember racking our brains to find a solution to what seemed like a problem, traditional life. One where we would be able to spend as much time together as possible, have fun creating memories as a family, and allow our children to experience as many new things as possible.

Know the history

My husband was born in Germany, while his Father served in the Military. He lived there for a few years, going to school and speaking German was his norm. When his parents split- he found himself living in the heart of NYC with a single mother, 3 siblings, and an absent father figure. He grew up fast and in the streets! When his mother was finally able to move their family, they landed in Georgia, where he lived in many different areas before settling down in Marietta. His childhood was rough- he didn’t have much but it all helped mold him into the man he is today. He is forever thankful to his mother for all her hard work and tough love over the years!

I grew up on the other side of the tracks…. I never knew my Father, so there really wasn’t much loss or anxiety associated with that. My Grandmother raised my sister and me in upstate New York along with my Mother, who worked most of the time, to maintain our ‘life-style’. We attended an all-girls Catholic School and were privileged to many materialistic pleasures at an early age. We moved as a family to Miami Beach- where again we were being raised in a very eye-pleasing environment, complete with a large beach Condo with a friendly bellhop who tended to our whims as needed. After my Grandmother died- life took us on a roller coaster ride to more than 10 different schools in different areas, sometimes more than one per year, until we also settled in Marietta.

Life is what you make it…

From here our stories seemed to be on a collision path- we met at a young age. We attend prom together, we rented our first apartment together, purchased our first house together, got married in Jamaica, and had our first child…. together. Life was pretty sweet! But after the dust settled, we realized we were way ahead of our peers (I was barely 21) and we were totally bored!

After a few years of ups and downs, Antwon resigned from his career. We knew we wanted a change of scenery. We moved to Florida, started a small Farmers Market business. This lasted a while- but then we were bored again! We moved back to Georgia opened a storefront for our Business, then closed it and moved back to Florida.

This time we moved to the beach- feeling that would give us the change we were seeking. Our cute beach bungalow was wedged on the in the center of St. Pete Beach, between Tampa Bay and the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. Life was great- we enjoyed every sunfilled day, and even some raining ones to be honest.  We walked through the sandy dunes steps from our front yard to have endless days of beach play- but after about 6 months- we again were bored!

We made a decision to quit the ups and downs! We obviously didn’t want to live the traditional American Dream. We didn’t want a white picket fence! We wanted to travel. We wanted to see different areas, meet new and interesting people and discover things we hadn’t dreamed of yet!

We started looking for an RV- and the rest is history!

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