Quick Review- Amazon Camperforce

Have you considered working at a fulfillment center for Amazon.com during their peak season? If you have- maybe you didn’t follow through because you were unable to find a realistic review of what the experience is like… If so, keep reading because we are providing our informal quick review of the program from what we observed during our employment with the company in 2013 and 2015.

***Official Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with Amazon.com or Camperforce and have not been asked to review or paid to review the program. The information provided below is not to be used as anything other than entertainment. For information regarding the Camperforce Program or employment at Amazon.com readers are urged to contact the company directly. ***

What is Amazon CamperForce?

Camperforce the brilliant brainchild of the online super giant Amazon.com. The program was developed to help the thriving fulfillment centers, located across the country, which were slammed with holiday orders- keep up with the demand for products in their warehouses.

What is the Peak Season?

The peak season for Amazon’s fulfillment centers is from September to December. We’ve heard that some Camperforce participants can be hired as early as August. The program makes an excellent effort to dismiss campers just before the Christmas holidays. (Yeah!!!)

Who can work for Camperforce?

Most RVers with a High School Degree, who are able to pass a background screen and a pre-employment drug test, seem to qualify for the program. You should also be physically able to stand or walk for 10 hour periods 4-5 times per week.

Is it hard work?

The simplest way to answer would be to say “YES!”. The work is hard- in certain positions (picking orders) you will walk an average of 8-12 miles per day. With that said- there are very few people who couldn’t use the excuse to exercise. Hint! Hint! (I lost 25 pounds in 2 months!)

Safe Travels & Many Adventures-

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  1. This is definitely on our workamp list when the time comes. Can you tell me how well they worked with you guys having children? Were you able to work opposite shifts?

    1. We were able to work on opposite shifts, both times we worked Campoerforce. It takes a little getting used to, since the shifts are 10.5 hours- but once you get in a routine you’ll be fine! Good Luck!!!

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