San Diego, California

Not everyone has the opportunity to spend 3 months vacationing in beautiful San Diego, in fact, took us over 4 years after declaring it as a goal to finally make it. Since it always seemed so far (literally the other side of the country… we made every excuse and found every reason why we just couldn’t. This year was different. We left Arkansas after the Workamper Rendezvous in October and started inching our way over. Keep in mind we travel slow, as it’s the only thing possible to explain why we reached California at the beginning of January! We spent time in Texas, where Antwon completed the second part of the RV Tech Course, we had a good time in New Mexico and stayed almost a full month at the Thousand Trails Park in Cottonwood, Arizona, which was so pretty it made it hard to leave.

We finally made it into San Diego, the city where I was born, after a long fun trip and meeting tons of other traveling families! We settled into our campsite and got to work with finalizing the details of our stay. Where would we go? What would we see? What places did we just have to visit? How close are we to Mexico? Where is the closest beach? What exactly is a checkpoint?

These were all questions we needed answers to, and we would slowly acquire the answer to each one, at the exact moment we were meant to.

San Diego has been our favorite city to visit and I have to be honest… it was actually overwhelming!

The ridiculous amount of choice you have in every aspect of life was just a lot to take in… Do you want to go to the beach? Which one? Do you want to go to a museum? Which one? Taco Tuesday? Which one? Making a decision on what to do, see, eat, and where to go were some the hardest dilemmas we faced. And that sounds crazy- but when you’re in the moment it can be quite stressful. Hands down, it was an awesome trip! And I encourage everyone to visit at least once, we’ll definitely be back!!!

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