Surprise Orientation Leads to Allergic Reaction

Our first day working for Amazon consisted of a mix of emotions, most of which were in no way related to the jobs we were hired to complete. We had arrived in Campbellsville, just 2 short days ago and that meant setting up our RV for the first time, ever, and trying to figure out how to live in it, in less than 48hours.

At this moment- I’m thinking we are actually quite impulsive people. I mean who exactly buys an RV, renovates, drives to their first workamping job, without testing anything prior?

This was either going to be a train wreck or a miracle!

After setting up and meeting a Kristen D. a mother of two- whose husband was currently working at Amazon, we realized we would be expected to complete Orientation in the morning. As this was a complete surprise to us, we began to scramble as to how we could make this happen- with 4 kids, none old enough to stay home alone.

After hours and hours of contemplation, we agreed the best possible solution was to accept Kristen D’s offer to watch the kids at her camper, while we were gone for a few hours.

This was a huge deal for us- we barely ever use babysitters and usually do not even have the option for the family to watch them, so going out on the gigantic leap of faith was pretty scary!

We managed to muster the courage to let go a little- and arrived at orientation on time. After a few cute stories from the moderators and some paperwork, I received a tap on the shoulder and was asked to step outside, for an issue with our daughter….

What could this be about? Hmmm. I was pretty nervous as I took the 15 steps towards the back door and went outside. Our oldest daughter was sitting in the back of a jeep crying her eyes out- which were basically welded shut! Turns out she’s allergic to cats- and guess who has a cat? That’s right! Kristen D!

We gave her some Benadryl and comfort hugs and after just a few minutes her eyes opened up and the swelling started to go down on her face. She could breathe and she even gave us a smile. She returned to the campsite and we went back to orientation- feeling a little more nervous than the moment when we arrived.

Watching the clock for the remainder of the time- I really don’t think I heard one thing said after walking back inside. All I could think about was if everything was okay at the campground.

This was the start of Camperforce… Day 1

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  1. Ahh poor thing, glad your daughter is ok.

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