The World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta

With all intentions of walking around Downtown Atlanta with their kids today, The Collier Family seems to be stuck in a bit of Atlanta traffic. Looks like they picked the wrong day and time to head downtown. There’s a big event scheduled in celebration of Martin Luther King Day and the city is packed.

As they drove up and down the streets looking for outside parking for under $30, something that should have taken just a few minutes ended up shifting the dynamics of the whole day, taking over an hour.

Sharee thought, since it was so packed on the streets, maybe they should take the kids to an indoor attraction. Antwon’s first idea was to hit up the World of Coca-Cola since this is a typical field trip for school-aged children attending schools in the Atlanta area. They found the parking deck and after a short 20-minute wait for the next available spot… They walked one block down to the entrance, just past the Georgia Aquarium. (Oh how

Waiting in line to grab tickets was expected to be long and dreadful, but to their surprise the line was non-existent! Score! So, with tickets in hand, the Collier’s headed inside, for a fun trip down memory lane, via Coca-Cola history, memorabilia the tasting room and the bottling factory. Well- looks like no one in the whole city of Atlanta had planned to tour the World of Coco-Cola today- there was literally 20 people other than themselves inside… weird, but definitely a huge plus for them, as they love to meander around without the feeling of being rushed by tourists.

First stop was the Lobby- where they were promptly greeted complimentary bottles of ice-cold Coca-Cola, took a moment to use the restroom, and waited for their turn to step inside the Loft- where a Coca-Cola Ambassador reviewed interesting stories about the company’s road to success with patrons who also answered well-known trivia questions. The Colliers gathered inside and listened intently to the story of how Coca-Cola came to be and the kids were entertained with the crowded displays of over 200 historical and international relics from years gone past.

Next was the Coca-Cola Theater, where the Collier family viewed an inspirational and heartwarming 6-minute film, which they thought was pretty entertaining! The film is called Moments of Happiness and it can only be viewed at the Atlanta location- so make sure you stop by while in town to check it out!

The Collier Kids led the way around after this point, making sure their first official stop was the tasting room… The chance to taste over 100 domestic and international beverages, many of which they will never again have the opportunity to sample was a huge draw! They grabbed their sample cups and made their way around the tasting room sip by sip.

They had a great time sampling drink from different countries. South Africa seemed to have the best-tasting fruit sodas, while classics from North America, like Root Beer, were all around crowd pleasers. 

Other highlights of the trip included the Coca-Cola Vault, Pop Culture Gallery, Portrait Wall, & 4-D Theater! They skipped taking pictures with the iconic Coca-Cola Polar Bear who weirdly enough always had a line… but they did have a short stop in the gift shop of course, and each took home a trinket!

The one disappointment of the trip is that the Bottle Works exhibit was out of order. This was Sharee’s favorite exhibit as a child and the kids were really looking forward to it. Bummed that they wouldn’t be able to see how the beverages go from being created to the store shelves, the kids took another round in the tasting room… to cheer themselves up. (***The Collier’s actually had a chance to revisit during their trip, and were able to tour the bottle works exhibit, which was awesmoe***)


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