Workamping: Camperforce Countdown 20 Days Left

Time is really flying. November is almost over and do you know what that means? It means The Collier’s time Workamping at is almost over. Can you believe they only have about a month left to go? Camperforce has been fun and very physically demanding. They’ve had a great time, but are looking forward to the end with a smile….

Thanksgiving was awesome! They enjoyed a complete Holiday Feast with their camper neighbors, David and Jason, two solo workampers they met in Campbellsville. Although the feast fit comfortable on two picnic tables, it contained all the home favorites like smoked turkey, honey glazed ham, apple pie, sweet potatoes and green beans.

Throughout the campground, many families, couples, and solo travelers could be seen gathering together at various campsites for Thanksgiving dinners. It was actually pretty cool to look down the aisles of the campground and see pop up dinners happening by the campfires.

As Antwon And Sharee sat around the campsite, they’ve kicked their feet up and they’re officially starting the countdown. With just 20 more days of Camperforce, Sharee & Antwon are pretty stoked. Working 10-hour shifts with heavy physical demands, on opposite shifts for the past few months has been… bearable. But as the days past, and seeing the finish line in site, the Collier’s are feeling the need for a change of pace.

The workload has increased and with the initiated requirement of working 5 days a week, opposed to the 4 days before the Peak Season hit. They are tired, but to be honest, they’re staying motivated. How you ask? Their motivation comes from watching the other workampers. Think about it, some of these fine folks are like 60 & 70 years old. So if they can do it, then so can the Colliers, who are just barely 30!

Sharee was quoted in Workamper News as saying

Amazon is not for the weak

and she still holds to those words. This job is the most physically demanding job they have both ever worked. It’s by far the most physical Workamping job they’ve worked. But with that mind, if you ask either one of them if they are enjoying themselves, they’ll tell you hands down, ‘they’re having a great time’. If you ask them would they recommend it to others, they’ll tell you quickly ‘yes’.

A lot of other Workamper have asked how they’re able to do it? How are they keeping their positive attitudes and have the ability to have a good time, when they’re working so hard and so much?

Here is the secret… They were prepared. They knew what to expect!

When they signed up in 2013, they didn’t really know what they were getting themselves into. They were unprepared and it really wore them down quickly. This year they knew what to expect and they prepared in the weeks prior, to make sure the experience would be awesome. They were determined to have a great time.

So when they arrived this time, they were armed with meal plans, school lessons, sleep schedules, shopping lists, indoor activities, outdoor games, toys and tablets for everyone! Things inside the Collier household ran smoothly, making work less stressful.

If they could give one piece of advice to other families working Amazon for the first time, they would tell them to be prepared. Plan out your days because you might be too busy and tired to do it once you start! Once you start, you’ll want to enjoy your time off, doing things like sitting around the campfire, chatting with your family in your little bit of off time, and snoozing. You won’t want to plan next weeks meals or school lessons for the kids.

With just 20 days left, Sharee can look back and compare her two seasons working for Camperforce and the difference having a game plan made!

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